Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Camping Trip!

This past Memorial Day weekend was lots of fun! Saturday morning Scott, me, Brian and Mariah headed out to Mackey Idaho (pronounced Mack-ee). Saturday we went and toured the old mines and the ghost town in the mountains. 500 people used to live up there. That night it rained a little bit and we all went to bed a bit early. Sunday morning we made it to the church there and afterwards we went to the fault line where the valley floor sunk 6 feet and the mountain rose 6 feet from an earthquake. We talked to a guy there and he convinced us to go look for fossils. It was fun! Scary roads, but we survived. We continued driving between the mountains and Scott had his dream come true and we saw wild horned sheep up on the hill. That night we had banana boats that were delish and the weather was awesome. In the morning Mariah and Brian packed there things and we all went to see Craters of the Moon. It was crazy! This is where the hot spot that's under Yellowstone now, used to be millions of years ago. Apparently it's supposed to erupt within the next thousand years. It was so crazy, and they had a bunch of caves that we could adventure in. And there was so much lava! M and B went home after that, and then Scott and I went up to King Hill where people jump off in the hang gliders. We had our dinner and looked over the view. It was beautiful. We then went back to the camp and took a well deserved hot shower. Scott and I hung out and left in the morning. It was quite the weekend!!