Thursday, December 18, 2008


Scott had surgery Monday the 15th. He had a tonsilectomy and a septioplasty...aka his tonsils were infected and he got a nose job! He's been doing really well- drinking, eating jello and pudding, and taking lots of meds! We were able to borrow a humidifier which has been helping him greatly. We've just been watching movies and I read to him. Tomorrow he's getting the stents out of his nose. That will be exciting! He said the first day he could breath better already. But now his nose is plugged from dripping blood- I know, attractive. His throat is killing him, but he's being a trooper and last night ate some spagetti. woo!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


For break, Scott and I went to my house in Stanwood. We left Saturday morning, even though Scott's tonsils were hurting him again. That night we met Mariah for the first time. She's awesome for my brother. Sunday morning we went to the walk-in clinic before church. Scott's pariotonsiler absest is back. This time it was bigger then ever and had already started to drain. He got drugs for the week. That night we went to my dad's house and stayed there for a couple days. We drove my step mom to the airport on Monday and spent the day driving the west coast with my dad. Tuesday was a nice relaxing day- Scott did his homework and I vegged on the couch which I never do anymore. It was a well needed rest. We also went back to my moms to get my doggie, who spent the night Monday night. Cabo, Scott and I went back to my mom's Wednesday afternoon. The rest of the week was spent eating, cleaning, and doing a puzzle. That Saturday we drove back. It was a lovely week. I got to do Mariah's hair and take pictures of them.
Now that we're back, we went to the doctor for Scott's tonsils again. He prescribed the heavy duty stuff and we saw the Ears Nose and Throat doc yesterday morning. He's going to have his tonsils removed and then at the same time the doc is going to fix Scott's nose so he can breath better! Woop woop!