Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall leaves

Growing up in Washington we hardly have any trees that drop leaves. You know, Washington, AKA the Evergreen state! So living here it's mind blowing how many leaves we accumulate. I swear, you rake, and the leaves replace themselves. But they are super fun for 2 year olds!

These two are absolutely beautiful. I know I'm biased. But really? They are just stunning.

 Our fort we built. We have to start getting creative with it getting chilly outside...

Addilyn was used again as a 2yo fit model for a seat belt. Levi just came for the ride. Addilyn now thinks that she works where dad does. She says, "Addi work. Take pictures daddy's work."

Again, absolutely spoiled. More free tickets. This time to a Wake Forest basketball game. Our friends live just down the road from the stadium, so we left Levi to sleep there and parked our car. It was a date for Addi with the two of us. She had so much fun. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy birthday Scott!

Scott's birthday was on a Friday and we decorated for dinner. Addilyn was so excited for it all. I made apple pie, which I haven't in quite some time. But it's one of Scott's favorites that I make. It was pretty good.

His birthday present was a map. Scott loves maps, and so I bought one, framed it, and then marked the places that we've lived together. Next we are going to go through and mark the places we've visited. He stood like this in front of the map for what a long time.
Scott just so happened to get free tickets from work that included food. It was a terrible game. But it was a fun experience for the both of us. We got a babysitter and it was just the two of us. Lots of fun. 

We were a little underdressed. It wouldn't have been so bad had it not been windy. So we bought hot chocolate to try and warm up. This was the most expensive hot chocolate I've ever had. $2.

We just never had a good time to carve pumpkins. So when we got home from the game, that is just what we did. Addilyn thought the insides were "Gross". silly girl.

And in case you were wondering, this all happened on his birthday, November 8 when he turned 28. Then the game and pumpkins were on the 9th. (even though I'm doing this 12/5, it's going to say it was posted 11/9)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lexington & Halloween

The Lexington BBQ Festival. Oh my. It was craaaazy. It's a one day event in downtown Lexington where they block off several streets. There's car shows, 5 performing stages, BMX, street sellers, and BBQ. We had been told that about 150k people come to this thing so we had prepared ourselves for the occasion. We parked about a mile away to get free parking. Addilyn clung to me and Scott carried Levi. We had so much fun, but it was very exhausting.

Brisket. mmm.

that smoke you see is jerk chicken

Addilyn helped twirl a ribbon for a kid's show. She was so cute up there. And she did exactly what she was towl.

the grandstage
We were body to body with thousands of people just to try and see Darius Rucker, Joe Nicols, and another guy for free. It was nuts. While we were waiting, Levi woke up and was hungry. So I nursed him. Set a new record for myself. Granted no one knew what I was doing because we were so packed in. Below: Addilyn made a spot for herself at our feet. All 3 performers came out and we listened to 6 songs and decided to peace out. We coudln't see a thing and we had places to be. Like getting funnel cake.

That night we went straight to our church's trunk or treat. I had packed our costumes so that we could change at the church. I made all of our costumes except for Levi's.

cake walk


Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow, and Glenda the good witch.
And below are some more pictures of the week leading to Halloween. I hosted our playgroup the 30th. I had another friend come and help out for when I needed to go feed Levi or put him to sleep.

Dang Costco...

I had Cinderella playing while we waited for her friends to come over. This is what it looked like before I turned it off. Bahhhhhahahaha...I thought it was so cute.

Action shot of Addi falling...

I organized a large playgroup Halloween party. We have 3 play-school co-op groups and so all of us combined for this party. We had darling snacks, decor, crafts, and games.

Halloween night. Scott took Addi door to door. She had so much fun and was great at saying Trick-or-treat and thank you! I stayed home and answered the door. We only got about 30 kids.

More leaves...

This picture is from today. What handsome boys I have. Lately whenever I go out and Scott has both Addi and Levi, he is always praising me when I get home. Like tonight I went to take a meal to a friend who just had a baby and he said when I got back, "I think I just burned 500 calories in the 45 minutes you were gone. I would be a stick if I stayed at home with them." It's nice to be appreciated every so often, so I told him I should leave more. :)