Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Break

We started off our break with Scott's surgery. Then I drove to Utah on Saturday (since Scott was intoxicated) and we hit a ton of traffic in Brigam City because of a 31 car pile up. We left Utah Monday morning and stayed the night in Colorado. It was nasty weather out there! We made it to Smithville Missouri Tuesday evening just in time for dinner. We spent the break doing family stuff. It was lots of fun! Christmas Eve Scott, Issac, and me slept out in a 9* weather. It was chilly. New Years day we went shooting, and the 2nd we left with Keith and Anika for home. During this whole time I got sick-which is now decided to be a sinus infection. When we finally got to Utah after being packed in a car, literally, we stayed with the White family. We had lots of fun playing games and just hanging out. It was like that vacation you need after your vacation. We left Monday which ended up being perfect timing because it snowed as soon as we left!